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Here's a range of courses that I have developed, covering a range of security risk management subjects. More are planned so watch this space.

This lecture series discusses the business of security consultancy. It doesn't teach security - you should know that stuff already. I discuss what to charge, how to package your services, how to plan your engagements and more. With document templates to download and more. No exams, no certificates. Just advice and ideas to think about. This course has received great reviews from numerous respected industry figures. £127 for 12 months access.

The ISACA CISM is one of the most desirable information security certifications in the world today. In this online course, I break it down into short, bite-sized chunks. Whether you are trying to make sense of the official course material for the exam or you just want to know more about infosec from an organisational perspective, this course IS going to help.

CISM courses are often expensive, so I am making this one more affordable for you. £299 for 12 months access.

Whether you are reporting to the Board, pitching a solution or applying for a job, the ability to deliver a killer presentation is one that most people never develop. This short course will help you create compelling, effective presentations. Your career demands it.

It's also only £49 for 12 months access.

From Security Officer to Manager is designed to be the course that we needed when we were coming up through the ranks. Written by me - Dr Rich Diston - and John Sephton FSYI, we share the knowledge needed to succeed in the security guarding sector. There may be many reasons that you do not get promoted. A lack of knowledge shouldn't be one of them.

Now only £97 for 12 months access.

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