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I’m passionate about helping the people who work in the industry. The people who want to get on and make things better for themselves. That’s why I am launching this career coaching service.

I've been trying to tell the 'leaders of the security industry' what they need to do to make things better for years, and they aren't interested in listening. Too much politics and self-interest for them to actually change anything. I'm sick of talking to them.


Instead, I'm going to start talking to you - the people doing the job. The people who need a better experience of working in security. Whether you are in guarding, cyber, infosec or any other area, this service is for you.

It’s time to tear up the rules on what you think your security career needs to be, and to make sure that your career plan isn’t a disaster plan. You need straight talk from someone who knows what it means to work in most areas of security, and who can help you to cut through all the industry bullshit.

Whether you need a career strategy, advice on the best educational choices, direction on security research or even interview preparation, it’s time for you to take action.


Just because the world is filled with uncertainty, it doesn’t mean you need to be.

I offer the following services, designated by letter:

Sessions can be used for any of the following:

  • General security career advice, values, goal and strategy setting

  • Advice on industry qualifications and study preparation

  • CV & LinkedIn profile review with verbal feedback ( – 1 for review and 1 for coaching call)

  • Identification of career strengths and weaknesses, development pathways

  • Interview preparation ( – 1 for advance prep and 1 for coaching call) including

  • Preparation for speaking engagements and presentations

  • Transitioning into information security – strategy preparation

  • Guidance on research study projects – MSc and above - choosing a topic and method

  • Advice for self-employed security consultants – transitioning, starting up and succeeding

Full terms and conditions will be sent upon enquiry. Use the contact form on the site to start the ball rolling.

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