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Develop yourself or learn how to develop others in security risk

Why on earth would you want to learn from anyone else?

Wisdom is described as 'experience + education'. If this is true, then I am fortunate to be considered 'wise' in security risk management, and passionate about sharing that good fortune.


I teach CISM, CISA, CRISC and ISO27001 Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer. I also teach more general security risk management practice, security risk governance and violence risk management. I no longer teach physical intervention for workplace violence - that is not the answer.

My training has been described as 'engaging', 'thought provoking' and even 'funny'. Not bad for someone who talks about security risk all day. For 2017-2018 the pass rate for my delegates taking ISACA examinations was 86%, so I am clearly doing something right.

For organisations, I can support them in developing their security education strategy, from business case to implementation.

​I also offer a service for organisations looking to develop their own security and risk certifications and qualifications for inclusion on formal certification frameworks.

I also have a range of my own online courses that you will find here.

If you want more information on how I can help you professionally or your organisation, get in touch here.